Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love at Third Sight

One day, over a decade ago, I had a friend named Jesse who left town to join the Marines.  He was back in town for a brief time and wanted to visit, so I invited him over and "cooked" him hot dogs.  I'll never forget his words..."I have this friend I want you to meet.  I think you'll like him.  He's all churchy and stuff."  Jesse's mom was hosting a bingo night for him while he was in town and inviting family and a few friends over to play.  He thought it would be a good time for me to meet his friend.  Except for this friend showed up late for the party, (some things never change) and since I was going out of town the next day, I had to leave early so all we did was say "Hi!" and "Bye!".  That night I called Jesse and said, "Yeah, I guess you can give him my number." And he did.

The next day I was at Six Flags, and when I went to leave I noticed that I had a voicemail from Churchy Dude.  So I called him back.  That night he ended up coming over to my house when we got back into town.  We talked a couple of times after that, but I was so caught up in myself and may or may not have had some commitment issues, so eventually we just stopped talking.

Several months down the road, I went with a friend to her speech class.  She had to do a demonstration speech on how to highlight hair and asked me to be her model (please know I use that term loosely).  As I'm sitting in a chair at the front of the class pretending to have my hair done, in comes this guy... super late, rushing to his seat with duck calls around his neck, a decoy in hand, and decked out in camouflage from head to toe. Bet you can't guess what his speech was on.  Yep, Duck hunting.  Back before those Duck Guys were cool.  During the speech he even blew his duck calls for added effect.  It was very entertaining.  And as me and the rest of the class were cracking up at him, it hit me....that's the  Bingo Dude!  But I didn't talk to him.  I actually think I kinda hid from him afterwards hoping he wouldn't realize that it was me.  The girl who never called him back.

Fast forward a few more months, and I attended a college-aged community bible study that was held at a local hotel one night a week.  And lo and behold, guess who was sitting directly behind me...none other than Churchy guy.  This time I said hello, and we talked a little bit.  Afterwards we just went our separate ways.

A few days later, I remember sitting in Biology class, and I just could not get this guy off my mind.  I started thinking to myself and trying to remember why I quit calling him back.  I couldn't really remember why.  He appeared to be a nice guy.  And as I began to go through my qualifications list in my head, he seemed to meet a lot of them.  Yes, I had a qualifications list.  I know I'm not the only one.  It was hand-written, and my mom still has the original copy.

So since I couldn't stop thinking about him, I am not ashamed to say that I went home, looked his number up in the phone book, and called him.  The rest is history.

A man that can sing was not on the qualifications list, but was definitely an added bonus. ;)

It didn't take me long to realize that he was the one for me.  He was the only one I'd ever stuck with for longer than a few months. He, on the other hand, took a little longer to know for sure.  Three years to be exact.  Finally! He took me to Natchitoches during the Christmas festival of lights.  After a nice dinner, we took a walk along the river.  It took him until the very last bench on the riverfront to work up the nerve, but he finally sat me down, got on one knee, and said this...

"I love you cause you're good to me.
You think my jokes are funny.  
I love you cause you'd marry me
even though I have no money.
I'll love you when we're old and grey
And when we have bad knees.
But first I have to ask you...
Will you marry me?"

(Special thanks to the random person who captured the moment.)

And on May 15, 2004, we said "I do!"

And now here we are...ten years and three beautiful kids later.  I couldn't be happier.  There is no one else I'd rather do life with.  He completes me. (I'm sorry, I know that was so Jerry Maguire, but he really does.) I love him with my whole heart.  I don't know what I would do without him.  And, I don't think you understand how much I mean that.  I really don't.  I'm pretty spoiled. (I don't admit that much, but it's true.)  I thank God every day for him.  Well, maybe not every day.  But I should.  He is an incredible husband and an even better father to our kids.  Lord willing, I cannot wait to see what the next ten years have in store for us.

Also, I'd say I did pretty good as far as my qualifications list goes... (Insert a thumbs up)

(Disclaimer-To my Jehovah's Witness friends, please do not take offense to number one.  I have absolutely nothing against Jehovah's Witnesses.  My heart had just been broken by one when I wrote this.  Plus, when I was little, and they would come to our house on bikes, my neighbor would call my mom with a warning.  My mom would then make us turn out all of the lights, turn off the TV,  get down, and be quiet.  She did the same thing for door to door salesmen.  So I was kinda afraid of people that came to our door.  That also could have had a little bit to do with qualification number one. )

He still has not let me live down the fact that I initiated the next go-round by calling him.  But I know he's glad that I did. ;)


And Thank you, Jesse!! You were right.  I love that churchy guy! 


  1. With every thing that has been going on .... I am just now reading this. I had a great big smile on my face almost the entire time I read it. I even laughed out loud a few times!! I always told you how anxious I was to find out who would steal your heart for longer than it took to snag theirs! You always seemed to lose interest when the guy would get "too" interested. I know God was just protecting you and leading you to the man I prayed for from the time you were a little baby girl. Y'all are SO perfectly matched and that is because the Perfect One (God Almighty) placed you in each others lives for His purposes. I love you both and congratulate you on 10 beautiful years and I'm looking forward to watching the next 10 unfold. XOXOXO

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