Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Fox and the Hound Part 3

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite books was The Fox and the Hound.  In our backyard stood an old brown shed we pretended was our schoolhouse.  We even had our own library which held a copy of this classic tale.  One of the biggest fights me and my best friend/next door neighbor got into was over who the book belonged to when the library closed down.  I have vivid memories of us standing in wet leaves, tugging on each end of the book, and exchanging choice words in our blue jean overalls.  It remains a mystery as to who the book belonged to, but I still believe it was me. ;)

My love for this book/movie lives on. (And so does our friendship.) So when I came across a $6.99 puppy costume at Ross, I had a vision of recreating my childhood favorite.  Thinking my days of themed costumes were long gone, I didn't give it too much hope.  BUT the Fox, loving all things artsy, was completely on board when she knew involved making costume. (She had a tiny issue with the fact that Todd is technically a boy, but was willing to dismiss it.)  The Hound was happy to play the part...walking around on all fours and giving us his best bark.  And the Hunter, well, even though he really wanted to be a Minecraft character, but because he is so awesome, he humored me and went with it.  (At least long enough for me to do a photo shoot.)

So I happily introduce you to The Fox and the Hound 3.


Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!
Love, Andrea

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