Saturday, October 11, 2014

Some Good News and a GIVEAWAY!

In many posts, I have shared the desires of my heart and how they have changed since Deacon was born.  I've longed to find a way to make a difference in this world. To find my place.  My purpose.  I don't want to just exist.  I don't want to live selfishly.  I want to be used.  I want to help others.  However, I don't always have the resources to help in the way that I'd like to.  We are in the process of simplifying our lives and opening up some of those resources, but the transition and the in-between is kinda making me crazy.  I'm constantly having to remind myself to "Be Still" and wait for God's timing on that part of it.  

If you've read any of my more recent posts, you've heard me talk about a project that I have been working on.  That project has a name.  It's called the "Be the Light Project".  Matthew 5:16 says "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven."  That's what this idea is based upon.  I want to be a light.  When people see me, I want them to see Christ in me.  The desire of my heart is to live like He lived and to love like He loved.  I don't always do a good job of it, but thank goodness for His grace, love, forgiveness, and His mercy.

I've had several ideas about what I could do, but I've allowed myself to feed into the lies that Satan has put in my head that it would never work.   That my ideas were dumb.  That I would just be another person selling something and that people won't really like my products or buy them.  I recently read a quote that said "The difference in who you are and who you want to be is what you do." And I'm tired of wanting to do something, but doing nothing.  So here goes.  I'm starting by selling handmade necklaces with my own personal designs and will soon add t-shirts.  Necklaces & T-shirts? I know right...everybody and their Momma sells this kind of thing on Etsy and everywhere else.  I promise you I don't think that necklaces and t-shirts are going to make me rich nor do I think will they will change the world.  But it is something I know and something I can do. And it's better than nothing.  I have no desire to be rich, but I do long to make a difference in someone's life. No matter how big or small.  

Right now we are working towards making the difference in the life of a little girl.  Our daughter.  We don't know who she is, but we love her.  We long to hold her and to give her the love of a family that every child deserves.  So any funds raised in the beginning will go towards our adoption.  However, after our adoption is complete and should this project be successful, it is my prayer that I will be able to use the funds raised to help others.  If I see a need, I want to do my best to meet it.  I want to go on mission trips, help with, and donate to organizations and causes that I'm passionate about.  I have no desire to work for "things" but rather people and experiences.  That is what this project is about.  And to me, that is what life is about.

Here is an example of the necklaces...

They will soon be available for purchase.  Please follow @bethelightproject on instagram and watch for details as that will be the first place that I sell them.  You can also follow my page on Facebook by clicking here.  If you are not on IG or FB but would like more information on how to purchase one, please email me at  I am in the process of opening an Etsy shop as well.   

Guess what else? I'm also going to be giving some away!  

There are two ways you can win:
1. Go like Be the Light Project on Facebook and share this post.  Then, come back here and leave a comment along with feedback as to which necklace is your favorite.

2.  Follow @bethelightproject on Instagram.  Share this photo in your feed and hashtag it #bethelightprojectgiveaway

Winners will be randomly selected on October 21st.  Thank you and God bless you!