Friday, February 20, 2015

A Bunch of Randomness

You know that moment when you try to take a picture on your phone, and you realize that you can't, because you have 2,000 photos, 30 videos, and your memory is full? So then you go to delete some of them real quick, but you have a hard time deciding which ones to let go of, because you just love going back and looking at them and remembering those moments. Ok, maybe you don't know, but that's me.  A lot of the time.  And I feel like that's my brain right now. I have 2,000 thoughts in my head and 30 ideas, and I know it has been forever since I blogged and I need to, but I just don't know which thoughts to let go of and share so I haven't written anything.  So I'm just going to "delete" a few of my random thoughts.  Here they are in no particular order...

1.  I miss my Popie.  He's been gone for four years today, and I really wish I could sit in his shop with him, drink a cup a coffee, and see his smile one more time. 

2.  Anna Grace turns 7 tomorrow. SEVEN! It just doesn't seem right.  In my head, she should still be two standing on my ottoman singing "I'm a Little Teapot", dancing to "All the Single Ladies", and saying "Holla atcha guuurl!" because that seems like that was just yesterday.

3.  I love St. Jude! My life will never be the same after going there and having it be a part of my life.  My nephew Hayden went back for his MRI and spinal tap this week.  It has almost been a year since he was diagnosed with his brain tumor, but PRAISE GOD HE IS STILL CANCER FREE!  I wish I could give back to St. Jude and also give all of the Momma's and Daddy's there a hug and tell them how much I admire them.  I've been to a lot of Doctor's appointments with Deacon here lately and waited hours in the waiting room.  When I would get frustrated about the wait, I would try to think of my time at St. Jude with my Brother and Sister-in-Law.  And I picture them and the other parents there and the days upon days and hours upon hours that they spent in a Doctor's office with their children, and I would realize that I have no room to complain.  We've been dealing with petty stuff such as stopped up tear ducts and fluid in the ears, but my heart aches to think of what these parents face.

4.  I wonder if the adoption process seems as hard for others as it does for me.  Dustin and I are natural-born procrastinators which makes it even more difficult.  I just want my daughter.  I want to know who she is.  I want to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I dream about her and love her.  I want to tell her how much her brother and Sister love her too.  How when we finished watching Annie, Noah said, "I wish we could go get our Sister like right now!"  And how every time we clean out anything from Anna Grace's room she asks me to save it for her Sister.  We are slowly but surely getting closer.  We are almost the the point where we have done our part paperwork-wise and will wait for God, our agency, & China to do the rest.  We are just taking the process one step at a time.  I cannot look too far ahead of time, because if I do it will stress me out.  It took me forever to start maneuvering our way through the Dossier, because the paperwork scared me.  And the money! Oh my goodness, the money! I know the Lord will provide, but we also have to do our part.  Any good fundraiser ideas would be greatly appreciated!  I've said it before, but my motto has always been "Where there's a will, there's a way!"

5.  There has been so much tragedy around us here lately.  We have lost some people that were very near and dear to us one of those being my husband's Aunt Debbye.  We miss her so much!  It is still so hard to believe that she is gone and that the kids cannot run next door to Aunt Mamme's house when they are at Meme's house and get their bottled coke and Beanie baby from her prize basket.  And we wish the phone would ring late at night just one more time.  My heart hurts for all those who have lost loved ones lately, especially those that were such tragic situations.  Please cherish every moment, Friends.  You just don't know which day will be your last, so make the most of each one.

6.  On a lighter note, I need to stop watching "Fixer Upper"!  It's become my thing in the morning.  I have my .  It's killing me, because A.  I am ready to move.  I am ready to simplify.  And for my farmhouse and chickens and a yard where I can watch my kids explore before they are not into exploring anymore. And B. I want to be friends with Chip and Jo.  They are cool and funny and so creative.  I just love them and wish they would fix me up a house.

7.  I hate laundry! I have piles and piles of it in my laundry room and that is what I should be doing right now, but I'm boycotting it today.  I never buy myself nice clothes, and I was reminded this morning why.  I was digging in what I hope was the clean baskets for school uniforms when I found the one shirt that I bought myself recently with mounds of bubblegum stuck to it.  Apparently someone caught some Double Bubble at the Mardi Gras parade last weekend and left it in their pockets. Sigh!

I have many more random thoughts, but it is time for me to go get birthday donuts for Sister's class, so now I will leave you with random pictures from the past few months where I have been MIA on here.  And they are in no particular order too, because I don't have time.