Monday, August 1, 2016

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

You have been kinda awkward this year.   Maybe it's because we are living all on top of each other in a small space, and it's like a thousand degrees outside so we don't dare go out there unless we have to or until the sun starts to go down.  Maybe it's because we have gone through a million life changes in the past seven months, and things don't appear to be settling down anytime soon.  (I mean, honestly...chances are they never will with this crew, but still.)  Maybe it's because we didn't make it to the beach as a family this year.  Maybe it's because my husband has been gone a lot working on our house and is too exhausted to do anything when he gets home.  Maybe it's because I've battled for months with the whole school keep homeschooling or not to homeschool?  That has been the question.  It was officially answered only three days ago, and in less than 48 hours everyone but Hai-Leigh will be going to school in a new district. Can I get an amen?!!!  I mean, last year was awesome, and perfect for where we were in life, and I am not saying that we will never homeschool again but for right now everyone is excited and at peace with this decision.  This Momma is not going to know what to do with herself.  Maybe I will actually be able to get things done.  And while I am excited, I am also extremely nervous, because this is also the first year (since being in public school) that Deacon will be placed in a regular classroom for the majority of the time.  I'm just gonna breathe in, breathe out, pray, let go, and let God handle it.  

Anyway, I can't put my finger on why, but the point is, you've been weird.  And if I'm being honest, you have never really been my favorite season anyway, but here is why I still appreciate you...

You started with the most unexpected, amazing, relaxing trip ever to Mexico where we stayed at the Mia Reef resort.  It was a ferry ride away from Cancun and located on the tip of an island called Isla Mujeres.  The resort sat on an island itself and was surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful rocks.  It was the perfect escape for us, but would be great for families too, because it was low-key.  One of my favorite days was when we rented a golf cart and drove all the way around the island.  The views were breathtaking, and all of the bright colors made my heart so happy!

You were also kicked off with one of my favorites...berry picking.  The picking experience itself was quite miserable this year, but as usual all hard efforts were redeemed with the lemon-berry popsicles and homemade cobbler.

And then there was the family reunion at Lake Catherine in Arkansas.  All I wanted to do while we were there was take a nice little family hike to the waterfalls.  After picking our double stroller up above our heads and carrying two sleeping children over three bridges, we realized that it was not going to happen.  We ended up taking the alternative route and arrived by boat.  It ended up being totally worth the madness.  Plus, I got the added bonus of taking the hike back with the big boys.

This was also the place where we got to celebrate my sweet boy turning 11.  Man, that is so hard to believe! And let's not even talk about the fact that he's starting Middle School.  Hold me.

It is evident that we had our moments.

And while those moments were undeniably special,  I think it's time for you to go.  No offense, but I am ready to trade the popsicles and kiddie pools in for all things pumpkin spice and bonfires.  To put up the flip flops and dreaded swimsuits and bust out the boots and sweatshirts.   I long for cooler temperatures and moments of silence.  Not to mention, every day that passes puts me one step closer to being in a house again.  Though they will consist of their own kind of crazy, I look forward to the next two seasons. I hate to tell you, but they have always been my favorite.  I fully intend to soak them in, along with the one on one time that me and Little Sis are about to have.  I do promise to have more love for you next year.  Til then, Peace out. Adios. Holler at ya!


 One Sweaty, Exhausted Momma